Uncorking the Caucasus: Book Launch & Celebration

Խորհուրդ եմ տալիս
Դեռ ոչ ոք խորհուրդ չի տվել

Join us at In Vino on this breezy Saturday for the finale event of 
"Uncorking the Caucasus" book launch. The event will double up as a farewell party for the authors/our friends Matthew and Charine. So if you'd like to enjoy some wine-soaked fun or say goodbye in style, do come by and join us for this evening of swirling & sipping. 

- Sample many quintessential Armenian wines, specially selected by the authors and the staff at In Vino, that represent the varied and wonderful expressions of Armenia's viticulture.
- Uncorking the Caucasus: Wines from Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia will be available for purchase at a one-time-only, exclusive offer.

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