AUA Halloween Party 2016

HALLOWEEN. The best time of the year to dress up and have fun. We are happy to host this year's Halloween Party for AUA students at Bella Italia, on Alex Manukyan street.


ID CARDS: The entry and sale of tickets is going to be only with ID cards. There's going to be a strict face control at the entrance to make sure only students with IDs enter the venue.

MUSIC: DJ Ocean and DJ Strong
DRESS CODE: It's no Halloween if you don't dress up in a costume. If you don't want to put on a costume,you can put on a mask, anything that will bring out the Halloween spirit. Girls, we can't wait to see those Harley Quinn costumes.

More info on ticket reservations will come soon. Check regularly for updates.

Please note, this is a party organized BY AUA students FOR AUA students. The institution or its management take no responsibility or authority for the event


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